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Absolutely, loved it!!!

Kiszie Willis

All good, thanks again! Get some rest and celebrate your birthday well. 


Travis Myers

Love my hair and love my service!

Tiff Banks

First off spell my durn name right....Louis. lol.... and yes I thoroughly enjoyed it... be back soon for a retwist


Yes indeed wonderful

Casleanor D

I thought those hours with you in The Cave were my most cherished in a very long time. 

Thank you for the care and pride in your work. More important was the time we had together! I’ll be back!


Maud E. Lee

I am rocking my hair! See you again! You take care of yourself and baby!!


Thank you for reaching out im good I appreciate your Super service!!! your wonderful

Belinda Hall

Thanks Kendra. You did a wonderful job on his head..

Tarsha Ranton

Yes I had a wonderful time with at Janel's Creations. Thank u 

Kwaw Samekh

Vincent Charles

yes. I enjoyed it thank you.

Mildred Hall

Yes, I did, thank you so much. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon. Will make sure I pick up some Design Essentials.


D. V. Thomas

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